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People often ask me where the name Step317 comes from, so here’s our story:

When I was a kid I used to draw pathways all the time, with the path stretching far into the distance, starting off wide and becoming narrow until you could see no further. Anytime I would describe life or give advice I would always reference “my pathway”. Taking the opportunity to remind my friends that the situation they were currently in was just apart of their journey, the chapter of now. In life we will go through trials and triumphs, each being a building block for the way we see things and the way we see ourselves. I think the coolest thing about it being our own personal journey is the fact that we get to make the choices. We as individuals get to decide what step to take, what roads to turn on, and when to pause and smell the flowers. Life is what you make it, you have a chance to be whomever you strive to become.

My second semester of college I was assigned to room 317. Living with two complete strangers and starting a new part of my life was both exciting and scary, but I could have never imagined what was in store. Those two semesters in room 317 with my roommates were AMAZING, I learned so much about myself and the world around me. About a year after leaving room 317 I looked up what each of the numbers stood for, and was blown away!

Three, represents the Trinity as well as our past, present and future. One, represents unity. Seven, represents completion. Add in the fact that Colossians 3:17 is one of my favorite Bible verses, and it all just felt like pure perfection.

Step317 Photography, is about the individual journey we each walk. Each step we take we become closer to who we will be and further from who we were. Hopefully becoming better each day and if not learning and having the courage to change paths when we’ve found ourselves on the wrong one. Step317 photography is about understanding our past, walking in our present, and looking to the future, being united, and knowing that one day we will complete our journey victoriously. Step317 photography is about capturing this step in your journey today, for tomorrow.

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Step317 Owner and Photographer