Orlando Photography Sessions

Being from Orlando, we originally began the photography business there over a decade ago. Since relocating to Gainesville we have done sessions almost every month for past clients and referrals. We are excited to finally also offer both studio and mini sessions on regular basis in addition to outdoor sessions. No longer will you have to drive all the way to Gainesville to play with the ducklings in the spring, turn into a mermaid or frolic like a fairy.

If you are interested in scheduling an outdoor or specialty session please contact us directly. The following dates are when we will be available for studio sessions or  themed mini sessions. Session fees are dependent on the type of session.

Upcoming Themes:

July 21 – Mermaid’s and Pirates

August 25 – Mermaids and Pirates, Fairys

October 13 – Fall and Costume Mini

November 23 and 24 – Holiday Mini’s

December 1 – Holiday Mini’s

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If you are interested in scheduling a studio photography session please use the calendar below. If you are interested in scheduling a mini session please use the above links for the specific mini session page.

What does the session fee include?
All of our session fees cover the session time, a pre-session clothing/design consultation, up to 6 people, an in person ordering appointment. $39

How many people can be in the portrait? 
The session fee covers up to 6 people, additional people can be added on at $10 per person.

What are the location options for this event?
These sessions will be held in studio. We also offer custom locations, such as your home on future dates (+$75).

Where is the location? 
The location that we will be using is located about 10 from Downtown or Orlando. The address and directions will be sent a week prior to your session date.

How do I view and choose my images?
Your images will be ready to view in our studio the same day for studio sessions or a few days for outdoor sessions. You’re going to love seeing your portraits on our large screen.

My partner hates having their portrait taken. Anything you can do about that?
Yes! Our sessions are based on connection and trust — and we don’t take things too seriously. Clients regularly leave portrait sessions saying things like “I didn’t expect this to be that much fun!” and “Wow, that was so easy!”

How much is a package?
Our pricing structure is based on a simple idea: everyone is unique and pose limited packages are restricting and extremely frustrating. Instead what we offer is a base rate for our photography sessions, and plenty of different items you can add to your heart’s content. Our pricing starts at $25, most families plan to invest between $150 to $500. The great thing about our pricing structure is the ability to customize a package that fits your needs. There is no minimum purchase amount, no matter what you invest, at Step317 Photography, we feel you should get quality portraits that you will be proud of for generations to come.

Are digital images included?
Digital images are included in our Landon Collection, all other collections include complimentary social media wallets.

What about rain?
Florida weather is notoriously fickle, and weather reports seem to be good guesses at best. If it is raining the morning of your portrait, we will call you to re-schedule or select a location that is sheltered. Luckily these sessions are being held indoors.

What is your rescheduling policy?
Because we have specifically reserved your appointment time for you, we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your portrait session or portrait review session. We totally understand sometimes life just happens…someone gets sick, or you have an unexpected business trip. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, we would be happy to reschedule. Reschedule of less than 24 hours will require our standard $35 rescheduling fee.

If you miss your scheduled appointment without contacting us, we are sorry, but your offer is forfeited.